We are looking for volunteers to help research the history of Sistershow.

You can help in the following ways:

  • Summarising and analysing oral interviews in order to produce material for the final exhibition;
  • Conducting research about the history of feminism in Bristol at the Feminist Archive South, Bristol Central Library and the Bristol Record Office;
  • Adding content to the project blog;
  • Developing ideas for the educational activities that will take place during the exhibition;
  • Help deliver the project’s educational activities;
  • Invigilate the exhibition in May 2011;
  • Help set up and take down the exhibition in May 2011.

No experience is necessary as you will be given training on how to summarise oral interviews and conduct archival research. If you have a passion for feminist history and live in the Bristol area, this project is definitely for you!

We are also particularly looking for people who have an interest in or experience of theatre stage design to help devise the exhibition space.

If you would like to take part please email sistershow@hammeronpress.net to express your interest.

2 Responses to Volunteer

  1. ros says:

    Hello Debi, this project sounds very exciting and inspiring and I hope to be able to do some volunteer work and will try to get to the meeting on 31st. I wasn’t in Bristol during the 70s and have been away again the past 10 years, but during the 90s became a close friend of both Monica Sjoo and Pat West up until their deaths. I know they would both be very pleased with this project and expect many more of their friends are involved. Hopefully it will all help to revive and spread feminist activity now. See you, ros x

    • hi Ros,

      it would be great to see you on the 31st if you could make it and to have you involved in the project. If you had time, would you like to write a short piece about your memories of Pat and Monica for this blog? We could include some of Pat’s poetry and some of Monica’s paintings in the post. Thanks for getting in touch, and your support, debix

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