Women in Art by Gill Hague (for Pat)

Gill will be reading her tribute to Pat and Jackie’s intervention next Wednesday, 18th May, 7-9, at the Pat VT West evening, but here it is for you to enjoy.

Women in Art
By Gill Hague (for Pat)

A quarter of a century later
and they’re still talking about it—-
how those crazed women
wore hats and hurled radishes
and took off their clothes
just as some rather noble, sane men were valiantly
explaining that

they had contritely and authoritatively discovered,
in full support of the women’s liberation cause of course,
that men were the ‘doers’ in Art
and women merely surveyed.

(And mainly nude)

With what sagacity the clever men spoke,
supporters of feminism to a man,
and very comfortably off.

And in they burst,
those two women,
throwing away their clothes
across the righteous male droning,
painting themselves lewdly,
kissing the wise men
with paint encrusted lips….

rubbing wet pigment
into the carefully selected suits….

and legging it to safety,

Making it clear,
even after quarter of a century,
just who it is
that the women’s liberation revolution
belongs to.

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