Sunday with Sheila – cancelled

We are sad to announce that Sunday’s ‘Sunday with Sheila’ event has been cancelled because Sheila Rowbotham is unwell.

Here at team revisited we wish Sheila the speediest of recoveries. Get better soon!

The gallery will still be open from 11-5pm on Sunday, so please do pop by.

The exhibition is looking pretty wonderful and we can’t wait to unveil it to you. See you at the tea party!

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3 Responses to Sunday with Sheila – cancelled

  1. Elaine says:

    Hope everything goes brilliantly with the show Debs, I can’t wait to come in and experience it! Lots of love Elaine xxx

  2. ros says:

    What a shame that Sheila is ill. Let’s hope that she will soon be well and strong again. It would be wonderful if her Bristol visit could be rescheduled for later.
    Sorry to miss the tea party, but a clash with the Anarchist Bookfair and this year’s new Anarch-feminist presence. I’ll pop in sometime this week and am looking forward to seeing the display. love Ros x

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