International Women’s Day in Bristol

Breathing Fire are a Black women’s theatre group who use playback methods which is a unique form of interactive theatre enabling audiences to tell their own stories.

People from the audience are invited to share moments from their own lives. They then see them being brought to life as the company immediately recreates the essence of their story using movement, dance, music and song.

They are performing on the opening weekend of the exhibition on Saturday, 7th May, from 7-9pm.

They also facilitate workshops people in prisons, with learning difficulties and who are experiencing mental distress.

To celebrate International Women’s Day they are holding workshops for women taking place on Saturday 12th March. See the flier below!

Other awesome stuff:

Sunday 6th March Bristol anarcha feminists are holding a teccy skill share. Learn how to do carpentry, car maintanence and bike repair. Great flier too!

Also Sunday 6th March, Bristol Feminist Network, Bristol Fawcett Society and The Festival of Ideas are hosting the wonderful Guardian writer, Bidisha, to ask the perennial question – Where are the Women in the Media?

Its taking place from 2-4pm at the Watershed.

Exciting times…..

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