Sunday with Sheila

At the exhibition we will be holding a number of events, workshops and performances about feminism, women’s history, theatre, poetry and music.

We are delighted to confirm that Sheila Rowbotham will be speaking at a ‘Sunday with Sheila’ event on the opening weekend, Sunday 8th May from 2-4pm.

Sheila surely needs no introduction, but for those of you who do, she has been one of the most prolific historians of late 19th and 20th Century women’s history. Her mighty tome, A Century of Women, is the first place you should go if you want a lucid overview of the women’s history in Britain and America in the 20th century. Readable but packed with detail, Sheila’s books are the ideal companion for any budding historian.

The title of the event is ‘Being Women’ and Sheila will be drawing on material from her latest book, Dreamers of a New Day, comparing the dilemmas faced by feminists in the 1890s and early 1900 to those of the early 1970s Women’s Liberation Movement.

A schedule of other planned events will be posted on the blog soon!

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