Half the Sky

In December 2010 the Bristol Evening Post published an article written by Helen Taylor about Half the Sky: An Introduction to Women’s Studies. The book, which was published by Virago in 1979, was the first book of its kind and was, for many years, the first point of reference for students.

The article offered a retrospective look at the achievements of Women’s Studies as an academic field and the Bristol based women – Sarah Braun, Elizabeth Bird, Miriam David, Helen Haste, Ellen Malos, Marilyn Porter, Suzanne Skevington, Helen Taylor, Linda Ward and Jackie West – who collectively wrote it.

The article was inspired by a reunion of the women 30 years on and is a rare contemporary example of a positive portrayal of feminism in the Evening Post which is notorious for its anti-feminist sentiments.

You can download the article here: Half the Sky Evening Post article.

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2 Responses to Half the Sky

  1. Jane says:

    Fantastic and amazing to see that the Bristol Evening Post has – as you say – taken the opportunity to print an out-of-character and supportive piece about feminism. Long may this continue. Although it should be noted that the Bristol Times section of the EP (in which this appeared) is edited by a different man to the rest of the problematic EP.

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