Sistershow: punk theatre

This amazing image was donated to the Sistershow archive by Philomena Chandler. In her oral history conducted in October 2010 she stated:

‘We were theatrical punk, but the punk movement hadn’t happened then. We were anti establishment and very rebellious in a way women hadn’t been since the suffragettes. [We were punk because of] the way we dressed and looked. Here’s a photo of us. People noticed us. We wore big hats when we wanted. It was the early 70s, so some of those higher platform shoes were coming into fashion. Furs, stoles, make-up, whatever we wanted to do. We wanted to be seen. We wanted to be as flamboyant as possible to attract attention’.

In the stream of consciousness poem under the image Jackie Thrupp wrote:

we have had-misses and hits – its raw-its from ourselves-from wherever-we have been-no theatre school-or producer/ director-or manager-or anything male-except the odd tinkle-on the piano-for us-to sing-and dance – and show ourselves-encountering-each other-stand or fall – love and trust – that – grows and that’s not all – the journey from-this show-in each will go on-and overlap-or take over-our lives – sistershow – sistershow – it hasn’t all been said – i take my sister – with – me when i get into bed

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