Helen Taylor and Brenda Jacques’ tape slide

In 1973 and 1974 Helen Taylor and Brenda Jacques decided to embark on an innovative way of information sharing amongst feminist groups in Bristol. They stated: ‘it seems that the small weekly groups and specific campaign groups within Bristol Women’s Liberation don’t really know what the others are doing. Our only means of communication is through the newsletter which, though informative, can only give an outline of each group’s activities, and can suggest little of the feelings and experiences of the women involved.’

Their answer to this problem was to create a tape-slide and audio presentation that would be used in groups and on Radio Bristol’s ‘Access’ programme. They took photos of the Bristol Women’s Liberation activities and asked women the following question: ‘What difference has the Women’s Liberation Movement made to you in your daily life, in your relationships, your day-to-day routine, & your feelings about yourself as a woman, as well as your political awareness and activism?’

The complete slide show and audio material has been digitized and will be shown at the Sistershow Revisited exhibition in May. Below is a selection of photos from the slide-show which provide compelling visual evidence of the WLM in Bristol in 1973 and 1974.

Monica Sjoo

Jill Robin

Consciousness raising

Of course, the wonderfully vibrant Sistershow women….

Ellen Malos at the Women’s Centre. Note the Sistershow poster in the centre of the image.

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