Orderly archives

This past we have been busy ordering the Sistershow archive ready for depositing in the Feminist Archive South when the project is over.

The archive mainly comprises of Alison Rook’s papers who, in her good wisdom, kept every little scrap of paper to do with Sistershow. Hoarding does have its uses. It also includes some material from Lynn Houlton relating to Sistershow: The Woman Machine which took place after the national 1973 Women’s Liberation conference. We welcome more donations from people so please get in touch if there is anything lurking in the back of the cupboard or under the bed….

The final archive also will include Helen Taylor’s extensive scrapbook which documents the first Sistershow.

Here is a selection of material, more will be posted in the coming months.

Poster from Sistershow: The Woman Machine

Beverly Skinner exhibited her paintings at the first Sistershow in Bower Ashton

May-June Bristol Women’s Liberation Newsletter 1973. At the movement’s peak the newsletter was distributed to at least 500 women interested in Women’s Liberation in the Bristol area.

Birthday postcard to Alison Rook

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