Tallulah theatre company

A Sistershow for our times….?

is a new community performance group, meeting weekly in the heart of Bristol.

Tallulah welcomes lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning women who have a passion for drama and performance and want to be part of a like-minded community of theatre creators.

Tallulah will work towards an evening(s) theatre performance twice a year. Women can also get involved in the technical and backstage aspects under the professional supervision of technician Lucy Rae.

Using popular scripts and theatrical devices, professional director/choreographer Lou Barrett (www.prettygoodgirl.com) will work with the group each Thursday from 7 – 8.30pm (term time). Taking place at Hamilton House in the heart of Stokes Croft, Bristol – home to Coexist (www.coexistuk.org) Tallulah is set to be the first group of its kind for non – professional performers.

Lou says, “Response so far has proved just what a needed resource this is. Amateur theatre groups have a great robust community however the plays and musicals are often heterosexual in their plots and themes. This could mean gay women feel disconnected with such work and such groups. Not sure where to place themselves and consequently joining in proves tough. TALLULAH not only gives these women a chance to be themselves but it gives them the platform to CELEBRATE themselves and their sexuality through live performance. I will be directing the group in superb plays from popular dynamic writers of our time. By changing the gender of characters to female and adding clever theatrical emphasis to certain plot lines, gay women everywhere will be able to connect to this work and feel the lesbian community does in fact have a strong voice in today’s community theatre!”

For details, contact:
Lou Barrett
e: louise@prettygoodgirl.com
tel: 07967 204441

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