Enough was the journal of the Bristol Women’s Liberation Movement. Similar to today’s zines, Enough was a do it yourself publication, produced in both A4 and A5 format.

The back page contains key information about the Women’s Liberation Movement in Bristol in 1973. Firstly it provides the contact details for the Women’s Centre, which opened in 1973 in the basement of Ellen Malos’s house. Women could go to the Women’s Centre for pregnancy tests on a Saturday morning. Later it became a refuge for women who were at risk of domestic violence.

The next piece of information lists all the meetings that would take place in the week. Here women could go and discuss political campaigns, take part in consciousness raising, explore political ideas in book groups, among many other things.

The Contraception and Abortion Campaign and the Women’s Family Allowance were two important campaigns which happened at that time. The Women’s Family Allowance campaign was to ensure that family allowance was paid to the primary carer of the child who was often the mother (rather than immediately to the father).

Below is the article Helen Taylor wrote about Sistershow which appeared in Enough. The following page includes a poem by Phyl Chandler and an illustration. The inclusion of such material was typical of Enough and, alongside political analysis, demonstrates the creative and varied ways women chose to explore their experience in the magazine.

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