Trip to the archive….

Today I went researching at the Feminist Archive South, based in the Special Collections department at Bristol University. Accessing the archive is frustrating compared to when it was stored at Trinity Rd library when you could wander in and be surrounded by boxes crammed full of Bristol’s feminist history, ogle at the gorgeous posters and have a chat with the uber friendly volunteer archivist. Times do change and despite its inaccessibility, having the archive stored at the university does mean it is properly catalogued and looked after by trained archivists (who are also very friendly).

Here are some photos from today’s visit:

Transferring oral histories conducted in 2000-2001 with members of Bristol feminist movement onto computer from minidisc, including interviews with Pat VT West, Angela Rodaway, Helen Taylor and Ellen Malos.

Pat VT West’s memories of late Bristol-based painter and mystic Beverly Skinner with Pat’s distinctive handwriting at the top.

Figures that were pulled out of the Sistershow hat in 1973

Pictures of Pat (left) and Jackie Thrupp (right) in the famous Sistershow hat and Sistershow badge.

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