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Orderly archives

This past we have been busy ordering the Sistershow archive ready for depositing in the Feminist Archive South when the project is over. The archive mainly comprises of Alison Rook’s papers who, in her good wisdom, kept every little scrap … Continue reading

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Ellen Malos on the cultural achievements of the WLM

Ellen Malos is one of the founding figures of the Bristol Women’s Liberation Movement. If asked, she will fondly tell you the ‘5 minute story’. This is the story where she and her friend Lee had organised a meeting to … Continue reading

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Pat VT West and Jackie Thrupp: Gender Troubling the WLM

One of the classic clichés of the Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1970s is that it had a very narrow idea of women’s roles and identities. In academic parlance this is described as ‘essentialism’, a discourse which can lead to … Continue reading

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Talking Contraceptive Blues

As well as sketches, Sistershow used music to communicate their take on women’s experiences. Last week we caught up with Bencie Woll, now a distinguished Professor at UCL in London, but once a piano player with the Sistershow troupe. Bencie … Continue reading

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Berta Freistadt exhibition

The Berta Freistadt Collection: Women’s Theatre in London 1970s – 1990s Exhibition curated by Sophie Johns, MA student, Dept of Drama This exhibition displays posters, programmes, reviews, photographs, scrapbooks and correspondence from Berta Freistadt’s collection of documentation under her own … Continue reading

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Tallulah theatre company

A Sistershow for our times….? Tallulah 
is a new community performance group, meeting weekly in the heart of Bristol. Tallulah welcomes lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning women who have a passion for drama and performance and want to be part … Continue reading

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Enough was the journal of the Bristol Women’s Liberation Movement. Similar to today’s zines, Enough was a do it yourself publication, produced in both A4 and A5 format. The back page contains key information about the Women’s Liberation Movement in … Continue reading

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